Women want sex Egan

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We pass them on sidewalks, sit across from them in the subway and in restaurants; we glimpse their lighted windows from our own lighted windows late at night. In most of America, people float alongside one another on freeways as they drive between the city and the places where they live. To lock eyes with a stranger is to feel the gulf between proximity and familiarity and to wish — at least sometimes, briefly, most of us — that we could jump the hedges of our own narrow lives and find those people again when they drift out of sight.

In a sense, the explosion of online personals speaks to the fervency of that wish. Online dating is the most lucrative form of legal paid online content. According to comScore Networks, which monitors consumer behavior on the Internet, 40 million Americans visited at least one online dating site in August — 27 percent of all Internet users for that month.

The sites they visited range from behemoths like Yahoo! Personals and Match. In between are midsize companies like Spring Street Networks, which pools the personals for Women want sex Egan publications nationwide, including Salon. A recent entrant, Friendster, conceived of as a site for dating and meeting new people through mutual friends, has become a raging fad among the younger set and now claims more than three million members. They spend much of their lives at work, but the rise in sexual harassment suits has made workplace relationships tricky at best.

Women want sex Egan

Among a more secular and mobile population, social institutions like churches and clubs have faded in importance. Many single people I spoke to saw this as their only option, aside from online dating. More critical still is the fact that the first generation of kids to come of age on the Internet are now young adults, still mostly single, and for them, using the Web to find what they need is as natural as using a lung to suck in air. They get jobs and apartments and plane tickets online — why not dates?

The shopping metaphor is apt; online dating involves browsing and choosing among a seemingly infinite array of possible mates. But those who see a transactional approach to coupling as something new and unseemly would do well to pick up a novel by Jane Austen, where characters are introduced alongside their incomes.

Women want sex Egan

There is nothing new about the idea of marriage as a business transaction. Serendipitous love as a romantic ideal is a paean to cities and their dislocations, the unlikely collisions that result from thousands of strangers with discrete histories overlapping briefly in time and space. The defining fact of online dating is that it begins outside any context — historical, temporal, physical. To compensate, dating sites offer the old-fashioned comfort of facts: income, life goals, tastes in music, attitudes toward having children — the sorts of things you might wonder about a stranger you locked eyes with.

Better questions might be, How do they work and how is the way they work changing Women want sex Egan nature of courtship? O nline dating profiles may begin as jokes or time wasters at work or good deeds on behalf of single, lonely friends whose digital picture you happen to have in your hard drive.

But for the serious online dater, the personal profile — the alloted to each client on dating Web sites — quickly assumes a pivotal importance. Whether visible or hidden meaning people can see it only if you contact them firstprofiles are as intrinsic to online dating as cards are to poker. It keeps vigil day and night, dutifully holding your place in the queue of romantic prospects drummed up by the thousands of searches all over the world whose criteria you happen to meet.

Women want sex Egan

Dating profiles are works in progress, continually edited and tweaked, fortified with newer, more flattering pictures. Many online daters have more than one profile, sometimes on the same dating site. Before Spring Street Networks limited the of profiles a single person could post, lone individuals were known to have a few dozen. Greg, a year-old secretary and aspiring rock singer who lives in Brooklyn, has two profiles on Nerve.

Among the several cottage industries that have sprung up around online dating is that of personal profile photography. His second meeting, through amihot. Lorraine, a year-old mortgage officer in Cherry Hill, N. A tepid response spurred her on. A man who would give of himself before he gives to himself. I bet that hurt. But for all the fibbing and fudging that go on, outright lying about who you are is generally regarded as uncool and self-defeating.

Evan Marc Katz, a screenwriter and veteran online dater, has started a business called E-Cyrano.

Women want sex Egan

Katz, 31, favors another popular metaphor for online dating: job hunting. Like throwing coins into a well, there is an earnestness about doing it at all. Which is why even people with a cynical view of personals tend to speak about their own profiles with disconcerting pride. Even for just a small part of a day.

H ere is part of the expansive introductory e-mail message Greg wrote to Sam, a year-old graphic deer, in response to her profile:. Please respond. I am all about dirty rock shows and bars. You know, you have to use the condoms, or discard and replace.

Women want sex Egan

Just F. There is no shortage of ways to flirt online. Check out mine. Hope to hear from you. But if flirting in the real world consists of no-strings banter between two people who feel a mutual attraction, online flirtation is its inverse — it happens in the presence of everything but physical attraction. When Brooklynboy met Brooklyngirl after a week of strenuous flirtation, there was so little mutual attraction that they never made it to a second date.

The exact progression from first contact to in-the-flesh-meeting varies among daters and age groups. For younger people, who grew up with instant-messaging programs, e-mail will often lead to an Women want sex Egan exchange or severalfollowed by a meeting; those over 30 tend to prefer the phone. David Ezell, 39, who is gay and runs a rare-book business online, refuses to exchange more than two or three e-mail messages before moving to the telephone.

Making a timely segue from virtual to real-world flirtation is hardest when two people are talking across a physical distance. Angel, a year-old divorced father who lives in Boston, made contact with Carmen, a year-old divorced woman who had just moved from Puerto Rico to Connecticut, on LatinSingles. He and Carmen communicated by e-mail and then moved to the phone. I was definitely speechless. We were both shy, but slowly we started to loosen up and get to the same type of conversation we were having over the phone. We got a bite to eat, and then we went to get a drink, and she stayed over that night.

She now visits every weekend and plans to move to Boston in December. Here, for example, is an excerpt from a dating log kept by Regan, a year-old technical writer in Atlanta, since she posted an ad a year and a half ago on Salon. A: Too young, too tiny, had roommate problems and bored me. C: Zero chemistry; I was sure he was gay. K: Great chemistry, but too straight for me. Lives in my building, of all things. R: Had had a recent bankruptcy and actually skipped out on his bar tab, appalling me. P: Came from California to meet me.

A waste of a few days — there was zero attraction. The early stages of an online acquaintance happen on spec, with the mutual understanding that chemistry will be required in order for things to proceed. This puts a fair amount of pressure on that first meeting — both parties tend to arrive with chemistry sensors keyed to a quivering state of alertness.

When chemistry is absent, on both sides or more painfully just one, a cut-your-losses mentality prevails. I would have given him a chance and gone out again. I try. Or could it have been her personality? And there are those who say that the culture of online dating is itself inimical to the chemistry its practitioners crave.

Just organizing that much dating activity is a challenge; at one point, David Ezell had his dates and prospective dates arranged on an Excel spreheet. Leslie Hill, 34, who works in human resources in Silicon Valley, estimates that she went on online dates before meeting her second husband on Match.

He went to Chico. In late July, he had a first date with a woman he met online. I think we will get along very quickly. The key is fun. Intense mutual attraction is optional. Playful lust will do. She was well dressed and drank quickly at first. My place is a wreck. My bed is in the living room. We got naked, I left the light on, we had some really good sex for around 40 minutes and passed out by about It will probably happen at some point.

I remarked to Greg that by virtually any standard, it sounded like a successful date and asked for his evaluation. Given the seemingly endless selection, I get to be a little less forgiving. Thereafter, it was being in a steady relationship. But online dating may be on its way to eliminating that particular incentive for commitment. Sites like men4men4sex. But even at the more mainstream sites, one-night stands are commonplace and easy to arrange.

Women want sex Egan moved to Paris last August. I think we could have fun. Why is that? Good luck to you, though. The ability to prospect anonymously for lovers who have no overlap with your actual life is something of a Valhalla for married people inclined toward extramarital sex, and by all s, the dating sites are teeming with them.

Women want sex Egan

Many are disguised as singles, while some operate quite openly, usually — though not always — without a picture. She likes younger men, 25 to 35, and usually corresponds with them for about a month before arranging a minute coffee date — Women want sex Egan effect, a chemistry date — which is the only time she appears with them in public. I want sex, and I want mutual orgasms, and then I want to go home alone. If the coffee date goes well, B. An ideal date for Greg is a woman he can see casually, sleep with for as long as possible and stay friends with when the sex ends.

He practices safe sex. There is also a brand I hate. The one time I forgot mine because of a last-minute pants change, my date had a whole box in her purse. The less frequently you meet, the longer it can last without getting serious. If you hang out and have sex for a whole weekend, that might well be the end of it. I still think it lacks any romantic interest. Wired New Yorkers under 30 seem to be universally mesmerized by Friendster, which functions as much as a social cross-referencing system as a dating site: a way of keeping track of, and learning more about, people they have already met in real-world contexts.

Last spring, after breaking up with her boyfriend of three years, she began posting personals online through Time Out New York. As of this writing, she has met 13 of her respondents and slept with 4, including Greg.

Women want sex Egan

Which is one of the perils of online dating — no references. I have no one to ask whether Greg is a man-whore but Greg himself. She received only two responses from women, one of whom, Katherine, she met. Also if it all goes terribly wrong, you can honestly just disappear. Those disillusioned with online dating will tell you that its promise of a no-muss relationship attracts people with intimacy and commitment problems.

This is probably true.

Women want sex Egan

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