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Little Adventure Shop came to life as a premium outdoor kids clothing brand, selling activity-ready clothing for babies, toddlers and children alike. Bringing her love of the outdoors to her brand, business owner Rebecca took inspiration from her own growing family and their summer holidays to create a diverse collection of clothing and accessories for the adventure-seeking families ready for any outdoor challenge.

After a few years of growth, Rebecca turned to Shopify for her website and became one of the earliest adopters of the platform. She had run her business on Shopify for half a decade when she stepped into the Kubix family back in to grow her business. Prior to her first visit to the Kubix office, Rebecca had been managing her own Google and marketing. As the business grew, so did the amount of time that was needed to keep everything running smoothly.

Who is looking for a little adventu

Due to the demands of buying, resourcing, customer service and fulfilment, Rebecca decided the time was right for an agency to take over marketing. But whilst here at Kubix we often get new clients off the back of recommendations, we never rest on our laurels and knew we had to bring. Rebecca decided to drive up from her home in Oxfordshire to come and meet the team. We loved listening to her story, we loved her products, but primarily we loved identifying exactly where we could help.

The first issue our team had to address was the Little Adventure Shop website. Our immediate plan was to create a new beautiful Shopify store with the user journey at the heart of every de decision - from the buttons to the titles. As we knew we wanted to drive traffic and conversions post-web build, it also meant we could bring in the marketing team for SEO practices very early on.

Their old site had some very high rankings, so it was crucial we maintained those rankings with the new site. Our work on the Little Adventure Shop brand began. As soon as the UX-friendly website was underway, our challenge was to ensure that strong SEO practices and paid media were both in place for the launch.

We also took the time to rede the logo, making it more modern yet retaining the friendly feel that was echoed throughout the site. When we first started on the Little Adventure Shop marketing, we noticed there were errors with their conversion tracking, which made their Google look better than they were. We corrected their conversion tracking, which gave a better indication on performance, therefore we were able to better optimise for success. Our team also introduced a much better reviewing platform to allow parents and children to share their thoughts on products and build trust throughout the site.

Our efforts paid off ten-fold, and Rebecca and her team have enjoyed steady incremental growth since October Traffic to the new site has been impressive.

Who is looking for a little adventu

Winning a client is easy, however keeping a client through consistent and communication is what sets the best agencies apart. We reinvent ourselves constantly when looking at our clients. Rebecca has been a dream client for us, as she remains so forthcoming with vital information which allows us to do what we do. Be it summer sales for campaign trips, winter ski seasons, or half-term holidays, our team have become experts on children's activewear with content creation and SEO.

The future of the Little Adventure Shop business in now looks just as bright as their website. Organic footprint is constantly growing, and being able to help Rebecca and her team plan for major retail events such as Black Friday months in advance had allowed our team to understand her customers like never before. With the ever-changing dynamics of social media marketing and the sophisticated ways to enhance marketing funnels, we will continue bringing success to the Little Adventure Shop brand and see which adventures we can take their customers on next.

However, from the outset I found Kubix had a refreshingly open and honest way of communicating. During the project I felt closely involved. I could see remotely what was being worked on and the progress being made daily, and any comments I made were responded to and actioned very promptly. I am exceedingly happy with the final de and looking forward to working with the team at Kubix in the future. Advanced Growth for the Adventure-Seekers. Client: Little Adventure Shop. Industry: Childrenswear. Website: www. The Brand. The Problem. The Vision.

Who is looking for a little adventu

The Solution. The Growth Plan.

Who is looking for a little adventu

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Who is looking for a little adventu

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