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March 12, Lynnwood, Washington. Rarely do misdemeanors draw notice. But her misdemeanor had made the news, and made her an object of curiosity or, worse, scorn. It had cost her the newfound independence she was savoring after a life in foster homes. It had cost her sense of worth. Each ring of the phone seemed to announce another friendship, lost. A friend from 10th grade called to ask: How could you lie about something like that?

She just listened, then hung up. Even her foster parents now doubted her. She doubted herself, wondering if there was something in her that needed to be fixed. She had reported being raped in her apartment by a man who had bound and gagged her. Then, confronted by police with inconsistencies in her story, she had conceded it might have been a dream. Then she admitted making the story up.

Her lawyer was surprised she had been charged. His guess was, the police felt used.

Sex chat with singles Lakewood Colorado

She would need to get mental health counseling for her lying. She would need to go on supervised probation.

Sex chat with singles Lakewood Colorado

She would need to keep straight, breaking no more laws. January 5, Golden, Colorado. A little after 1 p.

Sex chat with singles Lakewood Colorado

Snow covered the ground in patches. It was blustery, and biting cold.

Sex chat with singles Lakewood Colorado

She was there to investigate a report of rape. Galbraith spotted the victim standing in the thin sunlight outside her ground floor apartment. She was young, dressed in a brown, full-length coat. She clutched a bag of her belongings in one hand. She looked calm, unflustered. Galbraith introduced herself. Police technicians were swarming the apartment. Galbraith suggested that she and the victim escape the icy gusts in a nearby unmarked patrol car.

The woman told Galbraith she was 26 years old, an engineering student on winter break from a nearby college. She had been alone in her apartment the evening. At around 8 a. He wore a black mask that seemed more like a scarf fastened tight around his face. He gripped a silver and black gun.

He moved deliberately. He tied her hands loosely behind her. From a large black bag, he took out thigh-high stockings, clear plastic high heels with pink ribbons, lubrication, a box of moist towelettes and bottled water. Over the next four hours, he raped her repeatedly. He documented the assault with a digital camera and threatened to post the pictures online if she contacted the police.

Afterward, he ordered her to brush her teeth and wash herself in the shower. By the time she exited the bathroom, he had gone. He had taken her sheets and bedding. She clearly remembered one physical detail about him: a dark mark on his left calf the size of an egg. Galbraith listened to the woman with a sense of alarm. The attack was so heinous; the attacker so practiced.

Sex chat with singles Lakewood Colorado

There was no time to waste. Then she drove her to St. Anthony North Hospital. The woman underwent a special forensic examination to collect more DNA evidence. Galbraith returned to the crime scene. A half-dozen officers and technicians were now at work.

In the snow, they found a trail of footprints leading to and from the back of the apartment through an empty field. They spraypainted the prints fluorescent orange to make them stand out, then took pictures. It was not much. But something. One officer suggested a bathroom break. She was a wife, a mother. She was good at empathizing with the victims, who were overwhelmingly women. Most had been assaulted by a boyfriend, an old flame, or someone they had met at a club.

Those investigations often boiled down to an issue of consent. They were tough for cops and prosecutors. Rapes by strangers were uncommon — about 13 percent of cases. Was she telling the truth? Or fabricating a ruse to cover a sexual encounter gone wrong?

Sex chat with singles Lakewood Colorado

In that way, rape cases were unlike most other crimes. The credibility of the victim was often on trial as much as the guilt of the accused. And on the long, fraught trail between crime and conviction, the first triers of fact were the cops. An investigating officer had to figure out if the victim was telling the truth.

Galbraith had a simple rule: listen and verify. And then corroborate or refute based on how things go. At home, her husband David had done Sex chat with singles Lakewood Colorado dishes and put the kids to bed. They sank down on separate couches in their living room. The attacker had been cunning, attempting to erase any traces of DNA from the scene. Before he left, he showed the student how he broke in through a sliding glass door. He suggested she put a dowel into the bottom track to keep out future intruders.

David Galbraith was used to such bleak stories. They were both cops, after all. He worked in Westminster, some 15 miles to the northeast. This time, though, there was something different. As David listened, he realized that the details of the case were unsettlingly familiar. He told his wife to call his department first thing in the morning. She does not know if she attended kindergarten. She remembers being hungry and eating dog food. She reports not knowing much about her biological mother, who she said would often leave her in the care of boyfriends. About two of those and probably 10 or 11 foster homes.

Sometimes she was placed in foster homes with her siblings. More often they were separated. After Marie became a teenager, her years of upheaval appeared at an end. Her foster family was going to adopt her. The first day of the first year of high school fills many students with anxiety. She had gotten all the classes she wanted.

Sex chat with singles Lakewood Colorado

She had a social circle. She felt like she belonged. But on the first day, a support counselor came to the school and told Marie the family had lost its foster care. Until something more permanent could be found, Marie moved in with Shannon McQuery and her husband in Bellevue, a booming, high-tech suburb east of Seattle. Shannon, a real estate agent and longtime foster mom, had met Marie through meetings for kids with troubled pasts and had sensed a kindred spirit.

We were a lot alike. She kept in touch with foster families. She could carry on a conversation with adults. Marie was used to being around other. Marie liked dogs. Peggy had two cats. For me it seems like people read me differently than I see myself. Marie was into boys, drawing and music, be it rock, country, or Christian. Like kids most everywhere, Marie wanted to fit in. Marie settled in. In time, they became boyfriend and girlfriend. Marie figures her happiest years were when she was 16 and 17, and the happiest day may have been one she spent with her best friend, another high school student who was teaching Marie the fine points of camerawork.

There was a particular photo that I really liked that she took.

Sex chat with singles Lakewood Colorado

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