Nice girls now finish last

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Text Source. Consistently reinforcing him that he is attractive, smart, worthy of any women's time, you know, stuff a girlfriend should do for their partners. He left me for the girl he thought he never had a chance with because in his words, "You made me feel like I could do anything I want. We had always been attracted to each other but timing had never been right. After awhile he asked me out, and I told him it might not be a good idea, as he seemed to still be affected by his ex.

Nice girls now finish last

He waited a few more months and asked again, claiming he was over her. It was one of the best relationships I've ever had. We truly loved and cared for each other and had so much fun together for over a year. We discussed moving in together and our respective families were quite happy for us. Then his ex moved back to town.

Nice girls now finish last

Even though she was living with her new SO, she decided she wanted her ex, my partner, back. And apparently he wanted her back, too. I discovered him cheating, which broke my heart. He claimed he didn't know what to do because he loved us both, but ultimately chose to be with her. Now they're married but unhappy, as she got pregnant by another guy just months after their wedding. I wanted to ask him to prom, but I had heard through the grapevine that a mutual friend wanted to ask him to prom as well. So I called her and asked her if she was intending to ask this guy to prom.

She said no, and I said "cool, because I'm going to ask him to prom. I asked him to prom that week. He told me he had already been asked. By the girl I had spoken to. It turned into a whole thing. It was dumb as s and looking back I can laugh now but at the time it was bull Flushing the pill down the toilet, not even bother to take it, stabbing condoms, and I always thought it Nice girls now finish last a truly deceitful way to bring into the world.

Fast forward ten years and I'm almost 30, not married and no children because my boyfriend is a commitment-phobe. Meanwhile, all the trapper slappers as I like to call them are married with big houses and families. My personality is so nice-mom that every new MBA frat boy manager who swings through my shop assumes I'm a token and talks down to me like I'm an idiot. I used to feel like I was finishing last since I don't get immediate respect like my more imposing coworkers, but after 10 years I dry my tears with large paychecks.

It went great, texting every day, etc. A couple of weeks later, our friends invited us to hang out. After a few drinks, we started playing 'never have I ever'. It ended up coming out during the game that I've never had sex long story I found out a few weeks later that Nice girls now finish last started sleeping with one of our friends that was over that night. They started dating soon after that, and coming over to hang out Then my friends mentioned all of us going bar hopping.

It sounded fun, and I was game. Then they said, "Actually, would you mind babysitting the kids? You're responsible and we trust you. Besides, it's gonna be couples going anyways. When it was time to leave we all walked home together, I was staying over at the guys house that night, I was pretty drunk and not feeling great so I decided to go rehydrate and go to bed. I was worried about leaving my friend so I asked the guy I was seeing if he could make sure she got home ok as it was late. She only lived 5 minutes up the road I waited in his bed for over an hour for him to come back, when he eventually did, he went straight to sleep.

I found out a week later that he slept with her whilst I was waiting. One day I asked if she would be there when we first hung out so I would be a little more comfortable she had a class with him too, but neither of us talked to him much.

I admitted I'd never kissed anyone. After, he asked if she wanted to go to the soccer game with him while I had to go home. Within the week they were f and she paraded him around me. I also own up to my mistakes, or let someone know I've made one before it becomes an issue. I say hello and good morning to everyone with a smile.

We started out completely in love and constantly together, and then drifted into This guy graduated from college a year before me, and invited me to his graduation. I hauled a-- for nearly 2 hours on the subway to the other end of New York City.

Didn't know where his family was sitting and all his friends were in the ceremony, so I sat alone for the whole, boring thing. Afterwards we met up and said hi to his parents, who then went home. I was in college in another city, so I was looking forward to spending some one-on-one time with my boyfriend who I didn't get to see that often. We went over to his dorm, where he informed me that he still had to move all his stuff out. Where were all his friends? Nowhere to be seen. Strong guy neighbors? Gone, obviously.

So who was going to help him schlep all those heavy boxes down to his car? Why, his sweet, loving girlfriend, of course. I don't remember how long it took, but I was glad when we were finally done. Because it meant I was finally going to enjoy some romantic time with my guy, right?

Nice girls now finish last

Ha ha, no, silly rabbit. No sooner did we finish shoving the last box of stuff into his car than he said, "Well, thanks for your help. I'm going to go hang out with my friends now. If you want to. I declined, and went home. The penny finally dropped, as they say. I finally understood what he felt for me, which was nothing.

Then I spent the next several months solidly kicking myself for being that dumb. I can't say my love life has been perfect since then, but at least I know I will never allow someone to take me for granted that way ever again. We were together, then he broke up with me. It's been over 6 months and we do everything exactly how we used to except now we are "just friends" even though he knows how much it hurts me. He gets me to bring him food to his house! We hang out so much he has joked "even if I was hitting up someone from tinder, it's not like I could hide it from you--we see each other every day.

I forced him to put a label on our relationship so that I could stop feeling constantly paranoid and jealous, then he grew weary of it and broke up with me. It has been over 6 months and we have both contributed to the situation we are in now which is a FWB relationship--which he prefers, and I don't.

Nice girls now finish last

He knows this, but I also know I am free to put a stop to it at any time, but I don't. I constantly seek validation from him. My monthly food budget is about 1. An unforeseen but advantageous side effect of how often we hang out is that I never get jealous since he doesn't have time to hit up tinder anyways.

I kept strict with them that the students' money should be for prizes and awesome parties for the students, not expensive trips and rewards for council members. Tuition is expensive enough we should give back as much of that as possible to the students experience. Well after almost an entire year of fighting with these selfish people, they thought I was being unfair to them voted me off with a week of my term left, so they could go on one last student paid trip while charging the students for the last activities they put on. It was crushing and really put bigger politics into prospective for me.

I drove everywhere because he couldn't be bothered to learn to drive even though his parents bought him a car. In return, he never hung out with my friends or did any normal couple stuff like road trips or weekend trips away. I was in a car crash and he didn't bother to come over and see if I was okay, because he was busy hanging out with his best friend he hadn't seen since the day before. I Nice girls now finish last devastated when we called it quits because I genuinely loved him with my everything and put all of myself into the relationship and he wasn't a bit bothered.

Nice girls now finish last

I'm so glad I got out though because I have an amazing boyfriend now who loves me and spending time with me. I can't believe I put up with that s for so long. My ex actually is a nice person and we're on friendly terms, I just hope he grows up and becomes less selfish. I decided to go off miles away from home for college instead of going to the school I hated that was 30 minutes away. My first semester went great. I had fun, made friends, and got all A's. My second semester started, and the first day of classes I came down with strep throat.

It triggered a huge flair of my arthritis. I could barely move.

Nice girls now finish last

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