Netherlands talk sex

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Netherlands talk sex

I compare the cultural attitudes and approaches between the youth in America and the youth in Netherlands, namely that sex happens. I contrast the cultural attitudes and approaches to sexual discussion based on different cultural contexts.

Netherlands talk sex

You're lucky! Order Now. In the United States, sex is glorified and is used as a marketing tool. There is no possibility to escape sexual allusion in the United States. However, In the Netherlands, sex is not exploited to the same extent that it is in the United States. Suggestive advertising exists in the Netherlands and in most of European culture.

However, in the United States, sex is exploited without shame…unless you are a parent who needs to discuss sex with your. This film, by James Houston, is brought about by his reflections on living in the United States and Australia and the Netherlands. He comments that although sex is blatantly used in the entertainment industry, that no one in America is comfortable talking about it. The first family he documents is a mother with two daughters. They supposedly talk Netherlands talk sex about sex but the mother, Jamie, does not know that her daughter, Kelsey, is not a virgin.

Many students in the United States equate their sex ed classes more like scare Netherlands talk sex classes. Like a disclaimer on a commercial, teachers would list off all the possible diseases one could get, and one student remembered having things like genital warts brought in to display in science jars.

Religious convention is not the answer in the United States, where many young girls take oaths at their churches to remain a virgin. A few of her friends jumped on the bandwagon and also took the oath, but all agreed that the oath was meaningless. In Portland Oregon, family is emphasized in sex education.

One mother daughter team seem to resemble more the attitude in the Netherlands; they discuss sex openly and for the purposes of having an open and honest relationship. In the Netherlands, sex is not a taboo family topic. The interesting thing is that there are less teenage pregnancies and less STD transmission in the Netherlands. One of the interesting comments in the documentary was that in America it seems that the older generation is concerned that by giving the younger generation information about sex that they will be inclined to have sex at earlier ages.

However, studies have shown this is not the case, and it is evident if one compares the culture of the Netherlands to that of the USA. Moreover, when children feel free to ask their parents questions about sex, children do not have to resort to asking their peers. The United States culture is the opposite of this approach. The media does not respect sex and presents it as a casual and expected and desired activity for young people; however, young people have no external counterforce to discuss these impressions.

Netherlands talk sex

The youth in America has conflicting ideologies presented to them; on one hand, sexual promiscuity is expected and respected, but, on the other hand, sexual promiscuity is a taboo topic for conversation. It seems that the United States should structure their educational system to be similar to the Netherlands; the sociological statistics do not lie. Obviously, communication is key. The three objectives in life are achieving happiness, fulfillment, and a sense of belonging. It is for this reason that family is considered a fundamental aspect of Maslow's hierarchy of….

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Netherlands talk sex

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Netherlands talk sex

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