Monte argentario girls

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P orto Santo Stefano, on the Monte Argentario peninsula in southern Tuscanyhas been bashed about and is the better for it. The Americans did the most damage. They wanted to prevent the Germans supplying Monte Cassino and other defences during the Second World War, so they dumped a shedload of explosives on the strategic port — largely missing the Germans, apparently, but clearing the town for considerable rebuilding in the Fifties and beyond. The higher ones are villas, but others, down the hill a bit, house the people of the port, which is still crammed with ferries, fishing boats and, reassuringly, fish — landed fresh from the Tyrrhenian Sea and on sale at two huge stalls down by the harbour.

The mountain of Argentario, on which Porto Santo Stefano sits, is an enchanted semi-island tied to the mainland by two ropes of sand. The town of Orbetello sits on a small, tonguelike peninsula sticking out into the brackish lagoon. This peculiar geography meant we were now slightly beyond the coast, roughly halfway between Rome and Pisa, on a big lump of rock covered with prickly Monte argentario girls and mostly deated as national park.

Monte Argentario is so named because the family who owned it lent money to the Roman Republic argentarii means moneylenders to finance the Punic Wars. Out there, the first big lump you see is Giglio. We settled into our villa on Lividonia point. The house had the satisfying smell of a properly arranged bolt-hole from the Sixties — and not one that had been much rearranged since.

Elegant and not too upholstered, it had antique furniture in the living rooms.

Monte argentario girls

In our bedroom, heavy white curtains hung from thin iron curtain rails. The bed was hard but high. There was a desk, a small stove near the entrance to the bathroom, and a tiled floor underneath. Our ground-floor room opened on to a paved area. Even in June the surrounding land is too hot, bare and steep to invite exploration.

Like all Tuscan countryside, it looks better than it feels around the ankles. A short walk through the cypresses and olive trees needs good protection from short prickly things struggling in a hard, dry Monte argentario girls ground. Better by far to lounge on the perfectly placed terrace and enjoy the staggering sunsets over Elba.

Our villa was at the edge of the wilder park that makes up much of the Argentario mountain, set high on a headland with an uninterrupted take on the Tyrrhenian Sea. At sunset the mosquitos come up — but tonight it was too windy for them, so ideal for alfresco dining. It was time to stock up in Porto Santo Stefano. The fruit was of the luscious kind you remember from childhood — not the rock-hard, early-picked, never-going-to-ripen stuff you find in supermarkets.

Monte argentario girls

Around the corner was the rustici shop. My restaurant Italian was good enough to work out that this was a local cooperative offering tipici, typical local produce. There were sausages made of meat, the whole meat and nothing but the meat; a few melons; some local cheeses and herbs; and, best of all, bundles of fresh asparagus. I swept up an armful and headed for the deli on the corner: another essential stop-off.

Everything had to be plucked down from the shelves, dusted off, opened up and tasted before buying. We sampled cheese.

Monte argentario girls

We sampled olives. We sampled pasta. But all this was just a prelude to the pescheria, or fish market. We had a big kitchen table back at base and a large to cook for, so we took a whole box of bream and a jar of irresistible salted anchovies. Returning to the villa, we familiarised ourselves with its vast Monte argentario girls de cuisine — pots, jugs, pans and colanders of every conceivable size — and a huge open range.

We piled up olive wood, and Jonnie, another member of our group, made a fire. After all the overindulgence, I slept badly. At 4am, the house began to rattle with bangs and thuds. Dragging on shorts, I stepped out into a wild world of thrashing olive trees and bending cypresses as a warm, damp Sirocco wind swept furiously over the mountain and battered our handsome dark green shutters. The next day, we took a boat out. From the water, the town of Porto Santo Stefano is piled up like a hanging garden.

Monte argentario girls

Elsewhere, much of old Argentario has faded. The farms are like rubbed-out scribbles on the hillside; the terraces are overgrown. But here, out a bit, we could see above town: serried ranks of carefully tended olive trees blob down a steep slope; cypresses draw vertical lines of hatched darkness. In this one bowl of mountainside, a vision of sharp-shadowed, cultivated Tuscan countryside hangs over a rocky shore and a wine-dark sea.

We motored around the headland in a fresh breeze. There were two or three grey beaches, where Zodiac inflatables and a couple of motor boats had anchored. We ed them, and jumped in off the bow. The water was pleasant, even in June. Blue fish swam in pretty patterns 10ft below us.

Monte argentario girls

Beyond the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, the alpine summits of Corsica are often visible — together opening up a world of island-hopping possibilities. I had spotted a tiny panificio bakery as we drove past, so we circled back. As I entered the small, dark shop with pictures of Mussolini on the walls, a man was buying from the cold cupboard.

He had chosen the torta ricotta.

Monte argentario girls

I wanted the same and managed to use my rudimentary Italian to Monte argentario girls the woman behind the counter. I reached for the torta and a lemon cake and, after a pause, she weighed them both. I looked shocked. It was a dense mix of candied fruit, ricotta and jammy cake, a genuine Tuscan speciality and a fitting conclusion to a delicious adventure. My friend rather liked it — and so did I. Griff Rhys Jones flew with British Airways ; ba.

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Monte argentario girls

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Monte argentario girls

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