Like minded needed

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Like minded needed

In order to grow and improve your life, you need to be surrounded by like-minded people. These people will understand the path that you are trying to go. They will also, understand your drive to better yourself and achieve your goals. You Like minded needed people in your life who will help push you towards your goals. I bet you can think of some ideas that came to your mind and you decided to share it with your friends and family and they gave you that look of doubt. Or they probably dismissed your idea and they changed the subject.

Either way, they are not going to support you and help you grow. When it comes to family, they may no longer believe in you because of your past failures and mistakes. So, after a while they may reject in ideas, plans or goals you may have. The heart of the prudent acquires knowledge, and the ears of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs Get around people who support your vision. These are the people that will hold you able and make sure that you stay on track. Get around people who inspire and encourage you. Also, you can encourage and inspire them on their dreams.

Having a support system helps you stay on task and makes it easier to reach your goals. With like-minded people, you feel comfortable in sharing your dreams without judgment.

Like minded needed

You can express ideas freely with others who understand the hustle. Everyone will have different dreams and goals but, will have the same drive towards the achievement. If there is no one in your group or squad that can help you grow, you may have to a Meet-up group. There are conferences you can attend and there are Facebook groups you can with other entrepreneurs.

Stay away from the naysayers and the negative people. They will not understand the calling that God has placed on your life and nor will they care. There are people Like minded needed will have to leave behind. These people will make you feel discouraged and insecure. Then eventually, they will cause you to lose heart and give up on your dreams. There is nothing more valuable than wisdom and knowledge. If you are the smartest one in the room.

Hmmm, yeah, you need to find a new room. If you are looking for new career opportunities or wanting to start your own business, you need to find people who know are already successful.

Like minded needed

They can introduce you to important people, give you new ideas and strategies. Smarter people will challenge you and help Like minded needed up your game. Connect with people who share your hobbies and interests. You can a book club or a softball team. Start a walking club or a hiking group. Everyone does not need access to your life. Distance yourself from people who do not add value to your life.

To about surrounding yourself with like-minded people check out this Intentional Living by John C. A true friend is on one accord with you. In order to be like minded they should have a few admirations. Not as you but on the sane wave length as you. Remember iron sharpens iron. This blog hit the nail on the head for me. I am on my way to starting my own business and when I told a few people about it they asked how was I going to market it and I told them Facebook.

They laughed at me but little do they know that the market I am targeting is needed in every city, state, and suburb. So I do have to distance myself from the negativity. Thank you Jerri Clay for this uplifting message. Just let them see your success when God elevates you. This came at the perfect time for me! Thanks so much for sharing this with us! Jessica you are so welcome! Love this and I agree! Thanks for reading Wendy and you are right when trying to do something positive with your life you will lose many friends.

Like minded needed is a very good read and an eye opener too! There are so many things we tend to ignore in friendships. Yup, you should have a support system but also people who challenge you to think outside the box and people who live different lives than you.

I found when I started to find friends different from me, I learned so much about empathy! Yes we do need to be challenged and to think outside the box but these same people still need to be go-getters. Thanks for reading. I recently cut off some negative, pessimistic people in pursuit of people who align more with me, my energy and my ambition. Thanks for the read!! This is so true when you are surrounded with fake, not like minded people I feel so uncomfortable. I absolutely agree with this post. Thanks for sharing Jerri, I loved it. Dainya you are so welcome and it sounds like you are on the right track.

I loved your comment smaller than a mustard seed hahaha. I agree about dream killers. It is so important to be surrounded by people who support your goals:. Yes it is Jubilee dream killers have nothing going on in their own lives and want to see you fail. The point you made about having a support system is crucial for growth and well-being. Great post. Good advice, so many people are dream killers. Agree to all of this. You really should surrounf yourself with positive vibes.

Choose those who lift you up. Not push you down. I firmly believe in surrounding yourself with people who vibrate at the same energy level. So if you are a positive person you want to be around people who also exude this energy. There are, what I like to call, energy suckers out here that only deplete this positive light and make you feel down, tired and inadequate. You are so right Angela it sounds like you are on the right track. Very true words.

Like minded needed

I agree with your advice. People who are close to you make a big difference on your life. There are lots of saying and proverb about how friends effect your life. They clearly ificant. Keep your support group the closest to you and the dream killers you have to love from a distance. I agree with your article though sometimes having that one diverse thought in your group helps immensely. There can be difference of opinions but the bottom line is the people that you are around still thrive for what they want.

All very good points made. You never realize until you take a step back just how everything works together. I utilize different support systems for different reasons, for the like-minded reasons. Ive definitely learned to distance myself my nay sayers, even if they are my family members.

Like minded needed

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