Hot Sacramento women

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These women are coming on strong. They range from politician and community activist to marketing professional, business owner and even a judge. All have the skills and motivation to perform high-level jobs, and in doing so, they show the way for a brighter, livelier and kinder Sacramento. Tracie Stafford. She had been nudged to do so several times, in fact, and had quickly dismissed the suggestion. To get to her position, she took a route through the economic hills and valleys of the modern day job market.

Hot Sacramento women

Her career began in data entry in the Silicon Valley, where she climbed the ranks until she was a senior manager. Visibly pregnant and encountering the effects of the dot-com bust, however, she struggled to find a job. She flourished so much as a business owner that she was elected president of the National Association of Women Business Owners, chairman of the Sacramento Small Business Board Hot Sacramento women communications chair of the California Small Business Board, among other roles.

A third-generation domestic violence survivor, she used her free Hot Sacramento women to pursue advocacy work on behalf of other women. She found a platform by competing in Mrs. Members of the local political community began to take note, and in she was elected as an assembly district delegate as well as the president of the Women Democrats of Sacramento County. With no real political background, no budget, and few endorsements, Stafford surprised pundits by receiving 8, votes and coming in third out of seven candidates.

Judge Judy Holzer Hersher. From founding the Leonard M. Currently serving as a judge for the Superior Court of Sacramento County, an appointment she accepted from Gov. Family is really the foundation of civilization or the lack of it. Her own family consists of husband Michael and their three adult children, Jessie, Ari and Sofi, whose closeness she counts as her greatest accomplishment of all. She has two decades of local activism under her belt, all going back to those early days of discovering downtown Sacramento and the people who called it home. I wanted to bring all those things I learned through Montessori to my neighborhood to help these.

In she ran for the City Charter Commission, and she recently filed to run for District 5 City Councilmember in the election. Nicole Rogers. She made a bunch of cold calls and landed a job with a public relations agency, eventually working her way to an in-house marketing position with Chipotle Mexican Grill. There was a lot of emotion and opinion and energy about food and what people think is right or wrong about food. She remains involved with charitable organizations in town.

Anne Marie Kramer. When she moved to Sacramento inshe was married to a primary care doctor, working as a pharmaceutical sales representative promoting antidepressants, and intending to move to LA as soon as possible. So I decide to stay here. Within her first week here, Kramer worked out an arrangement with an art studio in midtown where she could teach yoga and begin to build up a clientele, and she promptly started looking for a space to call her own.

In Juneshe and her now exhusband opened the doors of the current location, on 19th Street. Within six months, Zuda was doing so well that her ex-husband quit his job as a physician to help run the yoga studio full time. For the first five years there was no yoga in town. If you wanted to do power Vinyasa yoga you had to go to Zuda. And Zuda Yoga has certainly done well. Since it opened inZuda has doubled in size—from 2, to 4, square feet—and is currently undergoing a major renovation that will further modernize the space and add more amenities to accommodate the students who come through the doors every single day.

Kramer credits the success to continually evaluating the business, as well as herself personally, and asking where Hot Sacramento women need to evolve. What does it mean to follow the yoga path and how can I do that in my life right now? Bobbin Mulvaney. Asevery bit of play had to do with entrepreneurship. When I look back, I was just destined to sell a sandwich. She came to Sacramento ininitially working for caterer Joan Leineke and eventually opening her own lunch delivery service. Part of selling that dream is selling the chef, and I noticed nobody was lifting women up, including in the media.

Hot Sacramento women

Not one for complaining or inaction, Mulvaney became passionate about mentoring female chefs. She moves on quickly, though. She has more to say about the need to champion female chefs than she does about surviving cancer three times. Bernadette Austin. Now we have a meal. I understand that people who are struggling with housing usually have a lot of factors at play. In my case, asthose factors were outside my control. She initially went to college with hopes of becoming a cardiologist, but as she gained experience in health care she grew frustrated with typical treatment protocols.

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Hot Sacramento women

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Hot Sacramento women

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Hot Sacramento women

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Hot Sacramento women

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Hot Sacramento women

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