Green Bay Wisconsin wants to talk dirty

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In each episode of his weekly YouTube show, Chris Cillizza will delve a little deeper into the surreal world of politics. Click to subscribe! More Videos Trump says US is sending migrants to sanctuary cities. Andrew McCabe on Trump: I don't care what that guy has to say. Gupta shares details of Bill Clinton's hospitalization. CNN reporter asks Sen. Grassley about flip-flop on Trump. Republican candidate can't answer if he wants Trump campaigning in his state.

Supreme Court Justice Breyer on court packing: Advise people to think deeply. Why the Jan. Avlon: It's surreal to see conservatives do this. White House press secretary mocks Cruz for false claim. GOP lawmaker faces scrutiny for role in Trump's plot to overturn election.

Trump makes video honoring fatally shot Capitol rioter Ashli Babbitt. Texas governor bans Covid vaccine mandates by state employers. Hear why Schiff called out GOP lawmakers as 'insurrectionists in suits and ties'. Senator who slammed Trump over riot now standing next to him at rally.

See why. Terry McAuliffe to Democrats: Get it done, do your job. Trump, continuing a trend of latemade a slew of questionable claimsbashed the media and loudly proclaimed his rightness about, well, everything. I went through the transcript and picked out the most, uh, outstanding, lines from his Green Bay rally.

They're below. This is a very common Trump speech pattern. He re a line from the teleprompter. And because he hasn't read the speech in advance, he responds by agreeing with his own words that he is seeing for the first time with a "so true. So true. This is, generally, true! I might be able to think of one or two places.

Sleepy Joe? Crazy Bernie. Why did Trump suddenly start talking about his potential opponents? Oh, I have no idea. She's gone. No, when it was found that I had more Indian blood in me than she did. Trump is referring to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren with this taunt. They'd be people show up if they were president.

If they were president, nobody would show up. It's fascinating that Trump understands the job of being president as getting lots of people to show up to rallies. He's not wrong! Who stood out there for 24 hours? This comes from the Green Bay Press Gazette : "A line of supporters wound around the Resch Center; some people said they'd waited outside overnight. What does this place hold? Like 10, or 12, or whatever. Whatever it holds. We set the record. What record? Also, I have no idea how Trump came up with this 69.

Here's how a local TV affiliate described the crowd : "This was a free event that anyone could attend, but Secret Service detail said only the first 10, people are being let into the center. But Trump has the record. He said, 'Yes, it is, sir. You ask like, 'No, sir. They will take -- they will take that answer.

Green Bay Wisconsin wants to talk dirty be headlines. Let me translate this for you people who don't speak word salad: Trump brought the owner of the Resch Center onstage and asked if it was a record crowd. Because that is very important to how he does his job. The owner said it was a record. Trump was relieved because it would have been bad headlines if it was not a record.

Green Bay Wisconsin wants to talk dirty

We set records everywhere. For the record: The Mueller probe resulted in charges against 37 people and entities. Seven people pleaded guilty to a variety of crimes while five were sentenced to prison.

Green Bay Wisconsin wants to talk dirty

So, not really a "hoax. Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States! I can't even. Honestly, same. We love the show. And, no, there isn't much context to add here. He just started talking about Canada. We're the ones. We're the piggy bank that everybody is stealing from and robbing and taking advantage of. He wants to extend. I think Trump is ruling out changing the constitutional limit on a President serving two terms here.

So there's that. We love USA and that's right. Just the President of the United States referring to top-level staff as "scum.

Green Bay Wisconsin wants to talk dirty

These were dirty players. Trump, presumably, is referring to longtime officials at the Department of Justice like James Comey and Robert Mueller. Who said you can't have fun draining the swamp? Not me! Some white. Look at that. Those are -- that's a lot of red hats. But you do have the white ones too, right? But wait You have a lot of them. You have a lot of different hats.

You know, I didn't hear that term until that third-rate actor in Chicago went out. Close, but not the same. Let's -- apostrophe S. You don't want the apostrophe. It's too complicated. It doesn't work. But Ronald Reagan was good. He said let's make -- but he didn't use it. He used it a little bit. We seriously use it, right? Words fail. If somebody else were here, you'd have about like none. I've heard that this is a record crowd.

They're pretty wealthy people, very successful people. And you know what? The hell with them. I don't care. Oh snap, Trump friends, you got dunked on! It was the Man of the Year in Michigan. There's no evidence Trump was ever named "Man of the Year" in Michigan. Trump passes along this much-debunked notion that Democrats, if put in power, will collect all firearms in the country -- and no one bats an eye.

Thank you very much. They're not too happy about it. I'm proud to tell you that was actually my sick idea. There's zero evidence that the administration is shipping undocumented immigrants detained at the border to sanctuary cities.

In fact, several administration officials have made clear that the policy is not only logistically untenable but also potentially illegal. But, hey, it was Trump's "sick idea"! The good news is everybody agrees. Totally and completely false. The mother meets with the doctor. They take care of the baby.

Green Bay Wisconsin wants to talk dirty

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Remarks at the KI Convention Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin