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Adrianna Tate-Duncan is a main character on CW teen soap She is portrayed by Jessica Lowndes. Adrianna Tate-Duncan is a former child star, actress, musician, and best friends with Annie, Silver, Navid, and Naomi. In pre-school, she made home movies with Navid, but as time passed, she became closer to Naomi and left Navid behind. With a father missing in the picture, her mother Constance needed to work hard enough to fulfill the void left behind by her father.

Her mother eventually got her into an audition, one thing led to another, and Adrianna became famous at a young age. Naomi had only tried it once, but Adrianna had become addicted to it. Adrianna is a theater student and Naomi Clark 's best friend. She suffers from a serious drug addiction and is under a lot of strain from her mother.

Family Duncan sex chat free rd

She is in a long term relationship with Navid, which causes tension with one of her best friends, Silver, when she begins to have feelings for Navid. They do however mend their friendship at the end of the season. In the series finale she ends up with Navid as they plan to spend the rest of their lives together. Adrianna tells Ryan that she has been distracted because she has a major audition coming up.

Family Duncan sex chat free rd

He asks what that will mean if she gets the part. She tells him that she'll be making lots of money. He makes fun of her for that, asking what she'll spend it on; shoes, clothes, or perhaps an expensive car she doesn't need. She then tells him that she'll pay the mortgage because her Mom can't. Adrianna goes to her major audition but when it comes time to actually do the audition, she bails. Adrianna arrives to snatch the purse.

After the party, Adrianna uses the money she stole from Naomi to pay her dealer. Back at school, she tells everyone that she did the audition and she's in the top two for the part. Adrianna is with Naomi when she pulls up at her Naomi's dad's office and sees him kissing another woman.

She's devastated and Adrianna tries to console her. Later, Adrianna goes to the Lucky Strike looking for Ethan and she tells him that Naomi is outside and she is freaking out and crying. In "Wide Awake And Dreaming", Adrianna shows up for rehearsal, but as usual she's late and a bit strung out too.

Brenda isn't impressed with her lead's attitude. Brenda tries to calm the girl, telling her that she cares about her and that she thinks she can be good. And when Adrianna gets onstage and starts to sing, it's clear how good she really is. Her voice is lovely, clear, and strong. At school, Adrianna is warming up with Brenda and her voice is superb. She's happy, excited and confident, until her mother shows up and tells her that she's arranged for several high profile agents and producers to be in the audience.

All Adrianna has to do is perform well and things for their family will get better. As her mother piles on the pressure, Adrianna's confidence crumbles and Brenda looks both sad and worried for the girl. The night of the play, Stage Manager Silver is wigging out because she can't find Adrianna and curtain call is imminent. After a search it turns out Adrianna is there after all. But she's stoned out of her mind. Brenda tells her she can't go on-stage in her condition. Adrianna High before the play " Wide Awake and Dreaming ". She then tells Annie to get into costume - she's going on in Adrianna's place and there's only fifteen minutes until curtain.

Backstage, Kelly gets into an argument with Adrianna's mother who is furious that her daughter was pulled from the play. Kelly tries to make her see the condition her daughter is in but she refuses to see it — all she cares about is that Adrianna's opportunity to shine in front of some major Hollywood power players has been pulled out from under her. As the two storm out Kelly tells Adrianna to come to her office on Monday: she's not letting this go. Later that night, Family Duncan sex chat free rd party at the Roosevelt is raging and Ty is on his balcony waiting for Annie.

The knock at the door comes but its Adrianna not Family Duncan sex chat free rd who is standing on the doorstop. She forces her way inside and is clearly there to make the moves on Ty as a way to get back at Annie for stealing her spotlight. Ty doesn't look interested but Adrianna lies and tells him she saw Annie and Ethan in a hot lip-lock. Later upstairs, a nervous but excited Annie arrives at Ty's room. But it's not Ty that answers the door. It's Adrianna wearing only a towel. Adrianna invites her in and tells her what a great job she did in her part.

Family Duncan sex chat free rd

Annie tries to explain but Adrianna waves off the apology. She tells Annie that Ty is in the shower "rinsing off" and offers to go get him. Annie looks sickened and rushes from the room. After she leaves, Adrianna laughs, chugs her champagne and goes into the shower, which is empty.

Adrianna spends time with Annie when they both research Debbie's job for Mr. Matthews project which in Annie landing her an audition which prompts Adrianna to tell her the truth about Ty. Naomi catches sight of Adrianna sitting on a ledge putting in some eye-drops, Naomi does some not-so-subtle digging, trying to find out if the rumors about Adrianna doing drugs are true. Adrianna complains that the only problem she has is Annie. The next day Naomi approaches Adrianna at her locker. Naomi calls her out on her B.

She's totally stoked about landing the movie. Adrianna offers to give back Naomi's necklace and as she digs through her purse, Naomi catches sight of something. A lipstick. She looks way to upset about finding an innocuous lipstick, which is a case with a hiding place for drugs. Adrianna OD " Hollywood Forever ". Just then the police burst through the school doors, dogs and all. It's a random locker search, Adrianna panics and worries that she's about to lose everything, As Annie watches, Naomi takes the lipstick from Adrianna's hands and he toward the bathroom.

Adrianna appears in Naomi's doorway, looking teary and apologetic. Naomi begs Adrianna to come clean, and her friend finally agrees. She just needs an hour to go home and explain things to her mom. Adrianna comes home to tell her mom the truth and instead, she finds a surprise party with just her mom. Her mother tells her how proud Family Duncan sex chat free rd is of her and how she couldn't tell her this before, but they were about to lose the house.

Adrianna looks horrified. Adrianna fails to tell her the truth and instead she goes looking for drugs. Later, Adrianna is lying on the floor somewhere and medics are swarming around her still body. After she overdoses, she receives help for her drug addiction from her friend Navid, who pays for her to go to a renowned rehab center for the best treatment possible. Adrianna admits to owning the drugs, thus clearing Naomi's name. In a therapy session, Adrianna cries as she talks to her counselor. She tells her how badly she wants to see her friend Naomi. The therapist points out that it's good that Adrianna is claiming responsibility for her actions but Adrianna isn't impressed with herself.

Adrianna also talks to Navid about her situation. At the homecoming Adrianna claims she's out on a night pass, but Naomi isn't fooled. Naomi tells her they can't be friends anymore because she can't deal with all the lying and the drama.

Meanwhile, Adrianna is in the parking lot of the school, devastated after Naomi's rejection. Adrianna steps insde her dealers van, Navid appears and yanks her out. The dealer punches him and turns on Adrianna. The dealer leaves and Adrianna rushes to Navid's side and after finding him basically unhurt, asks him why he's doing this.

Family Duncan sex chat free rd

It turns out that Navid has been in love with her since the second grade. As they talk, Naomi approaches.

Family Duncan sex chat free rd

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