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Just be naked! Implied nudes are a great way to try out being naked without having to show off anything. You can opt for the white sheet look which is classic, and the great thing about the white sheet look is you can cover up as much as you want or show off a little more skin if you so choose. A story of transformation into loving herself.

Hear about how Miss G changed her life and celebrated herself through the power of Boudoir photography. We love women of all shaped and sizes and Miss I is a prime example of Edmonton women nude fabulously curvy woman. Take a peak at her images below, she has some great outfit inspiration and some great pose ideas for curvy women. These outfits are super flattering as they are still tight to the body to show off your curves, but give you a little more coverage. High waisted panties or garter belts are perfect for accentuating her shape as well. How cool is this black harness piece that she got?

I love all the straps and the buckles, it perfectly compliments her shape. I am also loving the red floral cut out bra that she brought it, very unique and goes nicely with her lacey brown high waisted panties. The only thing better than how I felt following my session was getting to see my finished pictures Their lingerie and even accessories are super cute.

In the meantime, Miss K is up on the blog today with some outfit inspiration. The cream and blush pink colours and intricate lace details are a match made in heaven. Super cute. If you have a little more curves this outfit would look great on you! Outfit two is another great option, a black and sexy Teddie. I love how she wanted to add in this sexy garter panty hose with this outfit, it gives it that little extra.

Outfit three is also a great idea if you have a little more curve, Edmonton women nude Merrywidow works good to again draw your eye down to the hip line and accentuate your curves. No one can go wrong with this as an outfit. It really is so versatile and great for any body shape. The white sheet works great if you want to cover up and not show any skin or you can use it more as an accessory and just be naked! I have been slacking on the blogging front these past month as December was a crazy month for me with everyone trying to get in before Christmas.

Now that I am back from my Christmas break and back to our normal work load there is time for blogging! I have a ton of images to share with all of you so I am hoping to have a post come out every couple days so I can catch up.

I love sharing my work with you all. Our blog posts are a great spot for outfit and pose inspiration, and it gives you a great idea of our style as well. Miss B is a client from back in October you can see I am a little behind… lolcheck out her images below. I am loving that we played around with both sides of her personality and incorporating the plaid shirt with cowboy boots was a nice touch.

I just love when a girl comes in to the studio with a super unique look and vibe to her. Miss S was no different, with all of her fabulous tattoos and bright orange hair, it all added to her boudoir photos. Sarina helped her choose a bold makeup look that would compliment her vibe, and the dark eye really adds an extra element of edgy to the images. Even the outfits we ended up selecting compliment her look nicely, the combo of the red romper with her hair and plus the mismatched bra and panty set actually works really well here, I am loving the colour flow that they put together.

It lets all her tattoos speak for themselves. Miss J came to our studio Edmonton women nude in September! She wanted to wish that special man in her life the happiest of Birthdays, so here is your Happy Birthday wish! I love being part of special moments like this one, but as boudoir photographers we are so fortunate to photograph so many beautiful woman, but getting to show these women how beautiful they really are is the best part of our job.

Witch bathtub boudoir shoot done in black water.

Edmonton women nude

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