Alternative Lifestyle in AZ

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This town is the antithesis of Phoenix 70 miles southLas Vegas, Albuquerque and other sprawling desert metropolises. Arcosanti finds the magic in urban life by honouring and uplifting its day-to-day environment. The hetrong Italian cut his apprenticeship short, but Soleri never left the desert. Soleri acquired acres of land in Yavapai County in With cantilevered concrete slabs bedecked by passive solar windows built into sustainable architecture deed to move upward in organic, mixed-use habitats, today Arcosanti is less than five per cent complete.

Resident cats snooze peacefully in the grass beneath them. I amble down the dirt path lined with blooming paddle cactus to the guest housing after being warned about rattlesnakes and scorpions.

Alternative Lifestyle in AZ

The largest accommodation block, near the base of the river canyon, is a humble line of single rooms with shared baths, built on top of a terraced garden. Goldfish stir the water of small ponds built into the poured cement steps. Some have studied urban planning. Some wandered in on the heels of a road trip, took a tour, and never left. Some study architecture. Some are interested in alternative living. Most are aged between 20 and But when I came here and took a tour, I literally cried.

I had never felt anything like that before. Talking to them, I hear one word over and over again: drama. Mostly, though, Arcosanti seems liberated from prosaic melodrama. In fact, it feels wonderfully lawless. Once checked in, I have the run of the town, opening doors, climbing staircases and discovering more and more rooms. Yet, as long as the highway is bisected by a road that le to Arcosanti, it Alternative Lifestyle in AZ always be possible to travel somewhere far away. Hire a car from the mile drive. A well maintained, mile-long dirt road le guests into the village.

Both options are bookable via the website. Note that the town is not very accessible for people with disabilities. Guided tours can be made accessible, but overnight guests may find the many steps and dirt paths difficult to navigate. thought-provoking conversations, follow other Independent readers and see their replies.

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Alternative Lifestyle in AZ

Recommended Pioneertown: California's hipster-inhabited Spaghetti Western set. Most of Arcosanti's residents are millennials photography Maggie Grimason. Arcosanti's architect wanted to prioritise the landscape in his des. With only a few other residents, there's plenty of potential for drama. More about USA travel Arizona travel alternative travel millennial travel eco-travel.

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Alternative Lifestyle in AZ

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Alternative Lifestyle in AZ

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